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Fact checking

As a contrast to solitary writing, I love working with  authors to fact-check their books. Most recently, I've had the pleasure of fact-checking Eva Holland's  Nerve. I've also checked Sandy Allen's A Kind of Mirraculas Paradise, Alice Robb's Why We Dream, and Cabin Porn: Inside, and have fact checked for publications like Scientific American, Knowable, High Country News, Pacific Standard, Cancer Today, and bioGraphic.


Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 7.27.17 PM.png

In conversation with author Leonard Mlodinow at a Seattle Town Hall event.

A jane of all trades

I'm also open to

  • editing: I help book authors develop and edit manuscripts.

  • research: I work with publications and organizations on fact-finding missions.

  • writing consulting / coaching: I've worked with scientists and writers to develop their story pitches.

  • public speaking: as a former science communicator, I've given dozens of public talks and presentations; in my journalistic work, I've been a guest on several radio shows and hosted live events. 

  • teaching: I currently teach a science communication course at the University of Washington.

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