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Hi! I'm Jane.

I’m a Seattle-based science journalist who has reported on everything from Neanderthal poop to space law. My work appears regularly in Slate's Future Tense, and my writing has appeared in publications like WIRED, High Country News, National Geographic, Smithsonian, Scientific American, Outside, and The Atlantic


Previously, I reported on science and technology at Quartz. I was also a 2018 IWMF grantee, a 2016 Early Career Fellow at The Open Notebook, and a AAAS Mass Media Fellow at Slate.

When I’m away from my laptop, you'll find me backpacking, climbing, running, biking around town, or at the latest Northwest Science Writers' event, where I serve as president.

Want me to write, edit, or fact check something for you? Have a story tip to share? Organizing an event you'd like me to speak at? Giving away a bottle of 23 year old Pappy Van Winkle? I’d love to hear from you! Email me at janehu [at] nasw [dot] org, or tweet at @jane_c_hu. You can also read about my other work here.


If you have a confidential tip, my PGP key is A02B 07F4 7D57 D119 BFA6 06BC 1B06 75F6 D96B 5CF8 (for an intro to PGP, check out EFF's here).